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Automobiles and computers have become the main market segments of the radiator industry


      The radiator is a general term for a series of devices used to conduct and release heat. It refers to the equipment that reduces the heat generated by the operation of the equipment and increases the operating life of the machine through cooling and cooling. According to different application scenarios, radiators can be divided into heating radiators, computer radiators, electronic power equipment radiators, industrial control radiators, automobile radiators, etc.; according to different materials, they can be divided into steel radiators and aluminum radiators , copper radiator, etc. Radiators are an important part of power electronic components. In recent years, with the continuous development of new energy vehicles, rail transit, photovoltaic power generation and other emerging fields, the market demand for radiators has continued to increase, and the industry has good prospects for development.

      From the perspective of subdivisions, computers and automobiles are the two major subdivisions of radiators at present, and the market concentration is relatively high.

      From the perspective of the computer field, in recent years, with the increasing demand for computer office and games, especially the increase in home office scenarios brought about by the epidemic, consumers' demand for computer hardware performance has continued to increase, and the problem of computer heat dissipation has gradually attracted consumers' attention. Computer radiators are gradually favored by consumers, and the market size has been continuously expanded.

      From the perspective of the automotive field, in recent years, with the strong support of national policies, the scale of production and sales of new energy vehicles has continued to expand. In the future, with the continued favorable policies, especially in the western developed countries, in order to get rid of the dependence on fossil energy, even aggressively give a timetable for stopping the sale of fuel vehicles, the scale of the world's new energy vehicle market will continue to expand, which will drive the increasing market demand for radiators. , the industry has great potential for development.

      With the continuous improvement of the production technology of power electronic devices, the continuous update and iteration of products, and the continuous upgrading of the market demand for radiators, the industry has entered the stage of brand competition, the corporate brand awareness has been continuously enhanced, and the degree of brand building has been continuously deepened. In the future, radiator products will be continuously upgraded in the direction of quality. Energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent and light radiators will be the mainstream trend of market development.

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