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Cooling fan production workshop at a glance


FLY UPWARDS ELECTRON CO.,LTD specializes in the production of various DC cooling fans, DC blowers, radiators and so on; The company has more than 20 years of design, development and production experience product quality assurance, all products through CE, ROHS, UL, TUV and other testing certification, products are exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, product applications in a wide range of IT, medical, electrical appliances, household appliances, LED industry one of the best quality cooling suppliers, The company all products warranty for 3 years, welcome to OEM, ODM processing, proofing quotation.

Below are some pictures of daily scenes in the factory production workshop. The clean and spacious workshop, automated production equipment, and hard-working workers have created the company's current scale. Welcome to cooperate!

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