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What should be considered when choosing a DC fan?


      As we all know, the DC fan is the key cooling equipment of modern industrial machinery. It consists of stator, rotor and commutator. Its basic structure is generally composed of motors, bearings, blades, shells, power plugs and wires. Depending on the power supply method, there are two types of motors: DC motors and AC motors. So do you know what to consider when choosing a DC fan?


      Some customers think that the higher the power, the better, because the stronger the wind, the better the cooling effect, but the higher the power of the fan, the greater the power consumption, the greater the loss of the fan, and the easy to reduce the service life of the cooling fan, so it is necessary to Reasonable selection of power according to the parameters of the product.


      The noise of the fan is related to the air volume. The larger the air volume, the louder the noise, so you should pay attention when choosing. There are also some cooling fans whose quality is not up to standard, and the noise is getting louder and louder after a period of use. It is recommended that you Customers should choose a powerful brand manufacturer to buy, with quality assurance.

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