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Why is the cooling fan slow?



The speed of the cooling fan depends on the voltage, the angle, diameter of the fan blades, the number of fan blades and the bearings. So, what is the reason for the slow cooling fan?

The main determinants of the cooling fan speed are the structure and parts of the fan, the friction of the bearing and the wind resistance of the blade angle. If the air pressure of the cooling fan is insufficient, it will also affect the speed of the fan. 

      1. The external environment (such as wind and sand, high temperature and low temperature) will also affect the speed of the cooling fan. 

      2. Check whether the cooling fan has not been cleaned for a long time, because the accumulation of dust and impurities will make the fan run. It takes more effort to slow down. 

      3. Check whether the cooling fan is installed correctly. If installed incorrectly, the fan speed will also decrease if the fan is loose.

      The above is the reason for the slower speed of the cooling fan introduced. A good cooling fan is very important. Not only does it keep equipment running properly, but it extends its lifespan and increases efficiency.

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