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The role of the heat sink


The heat sink is the most important part of the air-cooled radiator. It is responsible for the mission of dissipating the heat generated by the heating object to the surrounding air. It is the heat conduction channel in the air-cooled radiator. Its main functions are three:

    1. Endothermic - absorb the heat of a heating object with a small volume and a small area, so that the temperature will not rise sharply due to the accumulation of heat, resulting in various undesired consequences;

    2. Heat conduction - conduct the absorbed heat to each part of the heat sink internally, making full use of the larger heat capacity and surface area;

    3. Heat dissipation - dissipate heat into the air through various heat exchange paths on the surface (mainly heat convection) (can cooperate with a fan for forced convection).

These three main functions cooperate with each other to form a complete set of heat dissipation paths. Failure to play any of these functions, or incomplete play, may lead to a significant reduction in heat dissipation performance, or even complete loss. Therefore, evaluating the performance of a heat sink is mainly based on the performance of these three functions.