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How to Extend the Lifespan of a DC Fan?


The DC fan is actually a very fragile device. The smaller the physique and the more precise the internal parts, the easier it is to be damaged. What methods should we take to extend the service life of the DC fans?
1. When using a DC fan, protect the shape of the fan. Do not press the fan blades with your hands, and do not force the power cord.
2. After purchasing the DC fans, use them within six months as much as possible. For a long time, the storage environment will affect the performance of the DC fans.
3. Do not store the DC fan in an environment with corrosive gas. If you need to use a DC fan in this environment, you will need to choose a fan that is corrosion resistant.
4. When the DC fan is running, do not deliberately lock the fan for a long time, which will generate high heat and burn the internal parts of the fan.
6. When the fan falls from a height of more than 60mm during transportation and use, it will affect the balance of the fan blades.

7. Pay attention to the noise caused by resonance and vibration when installing the DC fan.

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